Working to Protect the Catskill Region from the Dangers of Hydrofracking for Natural Gas

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Is a New Gas Pipeline in the Works For Orange, Ulster and Dutchess Counties?

NYMarc Pipeline Route

 In 2010 the Iroquois Gas Transmission Corporation proposed a 3 foot diameter, 66 mile long pipeline to span a gap in the distribution system of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale to New England and northeastern Canada to "serve the northeast market."  Calling it the NYMarc Pipeline, the Iroquois Gas website projected its completion for 2015.   While being transported through a welded pipeline, natural gas needs to be constantly pressurized.   Football field sized compressor stations pressurize the gas with diesel fueled turbines, emitting polluting hydrocarbon clouds 24/7.

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New York Public Law #1


This bill was conceived and drafted by SPAN (Sovereign People’s Action Network of Ulster and Greene Counties) — Mark DeNat, Mary Finneran, Richard Grossman, Linda Leeds, Mary MacArthur, Joan Walker-Wasylyk, Jay Wenk
with Carl Arnold, Kate Bartholomew, Gusti Bogok, Suzannah Glidden, Jack Ossont and Maura Stephens, representing themselves and several groups from around New York State

Spill at Marcellus Shale drilling site in Bradford County prompts evacuation

Seven families in Bradford County have been asked to evacuate following a large spill during fracking operations in the Marcellus Shale at a Chesapeake Energy well west of Towanda, Pa. Earlier reports that there was a blow-out were inaccurate, according to company officials.

A local Emergency Management official said he didn't believe the families had gone anywhere.

Chemicals Were Injected Into Wells, Report Says

WASHINGTON — Oil and gas companies injected hundreds of millions of gallons of hazardous or carcinogenic chemicals into wells in more than 13 states from 2005 to 2009, according to an investigation by Congressional Democrats.

Josh Fox's open letter to the Delaware River Basin Commission

Delaware River Basin Commission-

I am writing to the Delaware River Basin Commission in fierce and passionate opposition to permitting large scale industrial gas drilling anywhere in the River Basin.  The Delaware River basin is a watershed area, a national treasure and should not be industrialized by large scale gas drilling.

YRAD and Victoria Switzer talks about Dimock, Pa. Gas Drilling Woes

3-14-11 in Binghamton, NY at NYRAD meeting-- Victoria is a resident of Dimock, Pa. where Cabot Gas. Co. polluted private water wells and has not corrected the problem-- this is ground Zero for the Gas Industry-- the real truth about the un-clean and un-natural Gas--

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EPA hydrofracking - Weston Wilson whisleblower

Weston Wilson, 20 Year Colorado EPA veteran.

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Fracking New York video

Fracking New York some of the issues surrounding horizontal hydrofracking in New York.

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Just Say No! Using Local Land Use Control to Prohibit Industrialization | Helen Slottje

4 of 5 Helen Slottje, an attorney with the Community Environmental Defense Council, decried the dearth of Federal and State regulations governing gas drilling activities which are, incredibly, immune from oversight by the EPA at the Federal level, and very loosely regulated by the DEC in New York. For example, gas drilling is exempt from the Safe Water Act, the Clean Drinking Water Act and other Federal statutes designed to protect the public from hazards secondary to drilling and pipeline transmission.

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